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  • top de bikini en forma de triángulo sin aros con anilla y tiras

    16,99 €
    Este top de bikini azul en forma de triángulo con anilla en el centro del escote cuenta con unas tir ...
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  • sujetador de bikini brasier sin aros

    14,99 €
    este bañador brasier azul lleva una anilla en el hueco del escote. combínalo con la braguita a juego ...
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  • braguita de bikini con anilla y doble tira

    12,99 €
    Esta braguita de bikini azul presenta unas tiras a los lados que crean un efecto increíblemente sexy ...
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2-piece swimsuits for all women

Discover the new collection of 2 pieces swimwear for women on

Bikinis are back at Undiz! You don't know how to choose the one that will follow you all summer long? Discover our tips!

What are the advantages of the 2-piece swimsuit for women?

The 2-piece swimsuit is a true feminine asset. Indeed, it conceals the most intimate parts of your body, while revealing a large part of it. It is therefore an excellent ally to reveal your most glamorous side.
In terms of colours and prints, the 2-piece swimsuit can be adapted to suit all your desires. Some of our models have a completely matching top and bottom. Others, on the other hand, allow you to mix styles, with a plain element and the other part patterned, in close shades remaining harmonious.
The 2-piece women swimsuit maillot is also ideal if you want to take sunbathe. Much less covering than a one-piece swimsuit, it allows you to expose a large part of your body to get a nice suntanned look.

Why we must wear a 2-piece swimwear ?

The 2-piece swimsuit allows you to assume your shape, and is an excellent way to assert your femininity. Depending on the model chosen, it is an unstoppable ally in revealing a pretty chest and generous neckline. Furthermore, some high-waisted panties perfectly conceal the curves of the belly while having a shaping effect. These somewhat vintage cuts are currently making a comeback and are very trendy!

How to choose a 2-piece swimming costume?

To correctly choose your 2-piece swimsuit, you'll need to consider several elements: your skin colour, your taste, your body type, and the way you want to use it. If you have very fair skin, avoid pastel shades as much as possible. Stronger, more intense colours will suit your skin tone better. This advice also applies to your choice of lingerie.
Depending on your body type, you won't choose the same 2-piece swimsuit. For example, there is the equivalent of push-up brasin the swimwear department. These give the illusion of a more glamorous neckline. Similarly, if you have a small bust, triangle-shaped swimwear fastened around the neck will fit you like a glove. On the other hand, larger breasts are more likely to opt for underwired models for greater comfort. For the bottom, once again, you will be spoilt for choice. The tanga is meant to be sexier, while the 2-piece swimsuit high waist allows you to hide small flaws. Finally, logically, you won't choose the same 2-piece swimsuit for playing sports and lounging on the beach. If you're going to be doing water activities, go for a model designed for that purpose, which holds up well!