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Comfort guaranteed with our homewear range

Discover our women's homewears on undiz.com

At Undiz, comfort is important. That's why we offer a homewear collection to give you maximum comfort. But what is homewear and how do you choose your pieces?

Which pieces are considered homewear for women?

The homewear means any clothing that can be worn for chilling out or at home, for shopping or for sleeping. To stay at home and be comfortable on a daily basis, Undiz has imagined for you a whole range of women's homewears that are comfortable, quality and perfect to compliment the other pieces of your wardrobe. Moreover, the women's homewear can also be worn outside. Find in the women's homewear category basics such as sweaters or pullovers for colder days, tops and t-shirts to wear day and night, but also our collection of women's pyjamas. From leggings to bodysuits, tops or women's homewear pant, find your ideal outfit in a few clicks and compose it according to your desires.

How to choose a homewear set for women?

With the wide variety of pieces available, it can be difficult to determine which women's homewear set to choose. To make your choice easier, consider two criteria. The first is the 'jack-of-all-trades' aspect of your homewear. Much like a basic, opt for a piece that can go with other clothes in your wardrobe. Choose a piece of clothing that can be used for a variety of purposes, both for sports and for creating a casual look. The second criteria to consider is your style of dress. Whether you choose a women's homewear pant Undiz offers all styles to best suit your personality. Whether you're more of a sportswear, femme fatale or wiser, find the homewear that best suits your personality, and at low prices.

What are the trends in women's homewear?

Even if it is more intended for relaxation, women's homewear also draws its inspiration from the trends of the major fashion shows. For women's homewear pants, the trend is for "flare" cuts and 70s style. For tops and uppers, transparency is a strong trend that allows you to reveal your femininity with subtlety. The basics also remain a staple of the collection homewear from Undiz, with hoodies and shorts to wear as a women's homewear set or paired with other key pieces in your wardrobe.
​For more fantasy, don't hesitate to dare pop shades for the good days or neutral tones for an elegant and all-purpose style. Summer or winter, whatever your style, discover all the new homewear items offered by Undiz and "chill out" at a low price in comfortable and elegant pieces.